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Marbles: The Brain Store

Timeline: 10 days, 2, 5 day, sprints
– Interviewing
– User Persona
– Competitive and Comparative Analysis
– User Flow, Site Map
– Wireframing
– Prototyping
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Pen & Paper

Where’s the challenge area?

The Brain Store’s challenge is to create an online experience similar to that of the in-store experience by making it easier for customers to find and purchase products online. The goal of this is to increase passive website visitors to visitors who engage with content and purchase products online.

Challenge area to focus on

Marbles Store customers find it difficult to navigate the website because of technical jargon and unorganized product listing. This hinders customer’s ability to make a purchase and may cause a decrease in sales. During this time, I realized that it was imperative to put the challenge in to context by incorporating a target group of people. Thus, I created a persona that best incorporated both users pain points and business needs.

How was information structured?

Shown in the wireframes (3rd picture), I refocused the initiative for customers to stay on the website by showcasing Marble’s local store on the first page of the website. By talking to potential customers about buying a game through the online store, I learned they were worried about buying a game online without ever trying it out before hand. Others said “If Marbles does not have a physical store, I would think twice about purchasing a online gift through them.”

Design Thinking: Font and Photography

In order to improve the readability of information on the Marbles website, I decided to use a font that is easy to read whether reading on mobile or desktop. As I search through the website, I noticed their were no pictures of customer using the brain games. Adding pictures of customers interacting with the games was important to keep customers engaged while browsing through sections and compelled to buy a product.

Final Design

What changes can be made in the next iterations?

In the future iterations, I would like to decrease number of steps it take a customer to click on an item and place order. Also, add a few more key visual elements to the home page to attract first-time visitors on the site.