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Timeline: 10 days, 2, 5 day, sprints
– Interviewing
– User Persona
– Competitive and Comparative Analysis
– User Flow, Site Map
– Mood Board
– Wireframing
– Prototyping
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Pen & Paper


Glassroom is an online web portal that provides students with access to design tutors. It provides an opportunity for students to get help, after hours, when teachers are not readily available. My main role was to conduct interviews, create user flows and sitemaps, and test prototypes with users. I collaborated with a visual designer to deliver a final 16-page hi-fidelity prototype.

Where’s the challenge area?

By surveying students and educators, my teammate and I learned major pain points people had about their classroom experience. During class, students have access to instructors, teaching assistants and peers. The challenge arises for students after class hours when help is not readily available.

How was information structured?

Once data was collected through surveys and conducted a contextual inquiry, we created our key persona, Sam. We used card sorting techniques and create affinity diagrams to learn how students organize information and navigate through education websites. I mapped out user flows and the initial site layout before moving on to building a low-fidelity prototype.

Design Thinking: Mobile First Design

My teammate and I designed a paper prototype to visual create an online classroom experience for students to get help on assignments and projects. We iterated our low-fidelity prototype three times before finalizing our prototype. Each of the iterations were tested with multiple students and educators.

How was user testing conducted?

In order improve the first prototype, I had a conducted usability testing with a few co-workers. I did A/B testing to determine whether it was more intuitive for users navigate through multiple courses or display default course on the interface.

Final Design

We received positive feedback from the students saying “navigation was easy-to-use and icons/labels were easily understood in the prototype.”

Tools Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Invision, Gliffy