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Carpool 2 Concerts

Carpool 2 Concerts

Timeline: 5 days
– Interviewing
– User Persona
– User Flow
– Wireframing
Tools: Balsamiq Mockup 3, Pop App, Pen & Paper, Sticky Notes

What’s the challenge of the week?
In this project, I was tasked to select one person in my class and learn about exploring his world and how I can help him. I started interview my classmate, KJ, to understand his challenges. After talking to him for two days, I learned that he is an amiable music enthusiast who just moved from east coast to the west. He is looking to meet new people, make friends and learn more about the music scene in the lively city of Los Angeles.

Meet the persona, KJ.
I developed a key user persona and conducted multiple interviews throughout the week, which, in return, helped me inform my paper prototype.

Interview Process pt. 1
Initially while interviewing KJ, I spent a good deal of time, focusing on questions about what type of music he enjoy and why he enjoyed it. I learned to ask why frequently and I quickly learned that he used music as a way to bring his east-coast friends closer. Then I realized his biggest challenge is not only that he can not find good music in los angeles, but also that he can not find friends to join him. He best connects with others through music!

The problem statement found.
As I continued to learn more about his world, I was able to hone in on a challenge he was having and turn it into a problem statement… “KJ recently moved from New York to Los Angeles and is having a challenging time finding friends to go to local underground rock shows, which are hard to find for him.”

Meeting people at concerts?
I talked to KJ about if he enjoys meeting people at concerts. He replies, “It’s fun to meet people at concerts, but it often gets very difficult to connect with others during a concert due to the high noise level.” Then I suddenly realized what if he shared a ride in a taxi with someone he just met who happens to be going to the same concert. I imagined that this could be a great solution for KJ.

A Plausible Solution.
To create an interactive map that connects users to local concerts and allows them to carpool with others through an integrated ride-sharing service.

3 Iterations of Sketches
My user, KJ, informed me of what he liked and did not like about the first design iteration. He mentions, “There are too many options to choose from; It would be nice to just click a concert and move forward” After making the changes to the first iteration, the second iteration was complete. I treated the second iteration as a paper prototype and tested it with another student. I immediately noticed how much faster users were able to complete the task on the prototype. I then noticed that I could integrate two of the pages. Thus, my last iteration of sketches had a total of 4 pages.

How would a user navigate through my prototype?
user_flowThe Wireframes.
See how my research informed my visual design…

1_Enter Location2_Search Band3_View Band Info 4_Request Uber